» Old Testament I and II/Bible I

An in-depth analysis of the Old Testament Holy Scriptures. This course will lead the student through a vivid adventure of the times, the sites and the lineages of the major and minor Prophets and much more. It is a study of the lives, laws, covenants, sins, and blessings of the people that lived before the time of Christ. There are many very important and interesting concepts that are discussed in this course such as: the term theospneustos, the Hebrew Canon, the Israelite Monarchy, the Pentateuch, the classical and primitive prophets and many, many more.

» New Testament/Bible II

This course is a complete and extensive overview of the New Testament scriptures. It deals with the four Gospels, their likeness and their uniqueness. Also, much attention is given to the book of Revelation. The course deals with such terms as: "Kerygma" (evangelistic preaching) and "didache" (the teaching of the early Christians), the Synaptic, Eschatology of the Kingdom, Exegesis, the Sanhedrin and Hermeneutics.

» Evangelism and Witnessing

This course introduces the students to the ministry of evangelism and teaches them how to be effective witnesses. It explores the practical component of witnessing. Students will learn how to launch an effective “Tent Service,” how to direct new converts from a tent service to established churches in the area, if there be any, or how to start missions if there are no churches (COGIC) in the area. This course is very helpful for individuals who are interested in street ministry. This course is also designed to help the student become proficient in the art of witnessing. Witnessing is truly an art. One must perfect this art in order to become effective and efficient. The course explores the tools, avenues, methodology, and the follow-ups of witnessing. In addition, the course instructs the student on different kinds of witnessing, such as presence, proclamation, persuasion, progression, and production witnessing.

» Leadership Principles and Time Management

This is a unique course that blends the art/science of Leadership and Time Management. The leadership component is designed to define the role and characteristics of an effective leader, explore leadership styles, and basic leadership skills with particular emphasis on biblical principles of leadership. The second part of this course deals with the managing of time and making the best use of it. It looks at prioritizing one's time and making time for the things that really matter. This class will help students to keep up with time, and not waste it foolishly, by increasing their awareness of the value of time. It instructs students on how to schedule time out for things of God and how to give back to him a portion of time for fasting, prayer, reading, and meditation.

» Legal Ramifications in Ministry

This course is designed to introduce students to areas of the law that have substantial potential for impacting the conduct of ministry. The church exists in a litigious society and it is not immune to lawsuits. The challenge to the church is to learn the warning signs of conduct that poses legal risks to the church, its members and employees, and to develop mechanisms to manage those risks. In this course, students will become familiar with some of the activities that have subjected the church to law suits, review the court's response to the issues, and examine best practices to protect the church against liability.

» Church of God in Christ Doctrine and Organization & Structure

This course is designed to introduce and present, with Biblical evidence, the eleven (11) major doctrines as taught by the Church of God in Christ. This course will present contextual and Scriptural references as the foundation upon which each of the doctrines is built. It will enable those students who desire ordination to stand firm and confidently articulate biblical doctrine during catechism. The course will follow the order of the listed doctrines in the required text book. The workbook is to be completed with every chapter. The course will also be supplemented with the Official Manual, as well as other reference material.

» Church of God in Christ History and Polity

This is a brief introduction to basic themes in the history of the Church of God in Christ. The course explains the roots, ideals and goals of the early pioneers and church leaders, the historical context in which the church grew and developed the landmarks in its history, and the implications of that history for the church today.

» Homiletics and Sermon Preparation

This course will introduce the student to the art and craft of sermon preparation and deliver. It will demonstrate the importance of ensuring the unity of the sermon’s theme while each segment of the sermon is developed. The course will include practical application through evaluation of the students’ written sermons and classroom preaching.

» Pastoral Care and Counseling

This course is designed to help prepare the prospective elder to become an effective pastor. Emphasis will be on the pastoral role, the pastor's relationships, and counseling and care of the flock that the pastor has been placed over. This course teaches the do's and don'ts of pastoring, counseling, and best practices for effective pastoring. The course gives the student basic information in counseling and teaches the student the difference between counseling and rendering bad advice. Much emphasis is placed on being an example rather than on theory. This class is a must for any inexperienced or first- time pastor.

» Women in Ministry and the Church of God in Christ Missionary

This course explores the exciting world of Women in Ministry with particular emphasis on the COGIC Missionary and the role they play in the Church of God in Christ organization. It is a collage of pioneer women of the gospel and even modern-day female giants and how their gifts and talents are utilized in the COGIC faith. This course is also designed to instruct the potential missionaries in the doctrine of the Church of God in Christ as it specifically deals with the commission of the Missionary, and the structure of the Women's Department of the Church. It instructs the missionaries on the appropriate adornment, the duties of a missionary, and the financial obligations of missionaries. The course will consist of lecture, assignments and class and web board discussion.

» Ceremony and Ordinance Performance

This course is designed to introduce students to the history of the holy sacraments of the Church and their proper administration. The three Ordinances that are studied in the course are Water Baptism, Holy Communion, and Feet Washing. The ordinances of the church refer to those ceremonial and religious rites which were ordained or instituted by Christ. They are to be administered as visible signs of the saving truth of the gospel and received as an expression of one’s faith’s and allegiance to God.

» Church Administration

This course will give insight into the world of church administration to include the management of finances, the liabilities of staff and volunteers, the handling of paperwork, compliance, and the upkeep of a facility. We will examine how church administration equips the church to be the church and to do the work of the church in a coherent and comprehensive manner. We will also learn that church administration is the guidance provided by church leaders as they lead the church to use its spiritual, human, physical and financial resources to move the church toward reaching its objectives and fulfilling its purpose.


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